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We will match you with a job that fits your needs! 


Why us?

- Stability and security
- Competitive compensation
- Respectful and safe environment

- Integration support for newcomers 

- Referral to English classes provided if needed

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Couple Checking In


Zero Waste Store

Retail and Trade

Medical Checkup

Care Workers

Construction Site Managers


Apply for the jobs now!

Contact us to know more about our service and how we can help you get a good job in the industry of your choice based on your skills

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Once we receive your query, our job consultants will contact you to better understand your needs so as to match you with a suitable job opening 


In order to work with us, you need to:

Currently reside in Canada or have intentions of coming

Be eligible for a work permit or already have a valid one

Be able to communicate in English on any level 

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We help eligible applicants with paperwork to process permits

We can provide English lessons to improve communication skills

We can help you plan the transition to the location of employment

Our services are FREE of charge for the immigrants

Contract work basis

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"My job, which I got with STAFFO's assistance, allowed me to start over in Canada. I got a stable job contract that keeps me busy and allows me to discover new opportunities."

- Mariya Porokhovets, Guest Services worker

"After having been hired by STAFFO. I met a lot of amazing people that made my adjustment to new environment much easier. Truly recommend them!"

- Volodymyr Zakharov, Construction worker

"I love the feeling of freedom i got after starting a new job with STAFFO. The consultants helped a lot to find a good for me. Very grateful to them!"

- Nyarai Phiri, Senior Caregiver


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